Those Little Water Marks Might Mean Thou$ands!

Even if expenses are tight, set aside money to hire the inspector, for he or she may catch the slightest evidence of water damage that you would otherwise have had to later pay thousands of dollars to repair the damaged walls, structural beams, ceilings, and/or foundation. Click Here to Read! 


Feeling a Little Dry?

For many, the winter weather brings on some challenges that are rarely faced in warm weather. From heaters blaring, the inside air becomes extremely dry and can have numerous effects from dry skin to breathing issues. By utilizing the proper humidifier, battling itchy dry skin and higher heating bills (yes, humidity acts as a major factor in how warm an individual feels) can be done with a couple simple steps…. Click Here to Read! 


How To Clean Those Hard “Oops” Accidents Made in the Dryer

The dryer takes on a lot of wear and tear each year. One of the most consistently used appliances in the house, will also become one of the most abused. Over time, everyone will experience that one time when little Johnny leaves his ballpoint pen in his pant’s pocket and somehow that one pocket gets looked over when they are thrown into the wash and then the dryer. After 30 minutes of tumbling dry, his blue jeans now have blue ink spots all over them and the dryer looks the same. These simple home remedies will help clean gum, tar, ink stains and much more from the dryer… Click Here to Read!