DIY: Insulate Your Attic

With energy costs steadily increasing each year and no relief in sight, homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to heat and cool their homes more efficiently.  Some of these options are very expensive. It may be more effective to insulate your home than to upgrade major systems.  This article walks through the process step by step. Click Here to Read! 

Springtime Gardening and Landscaping Safety

Spring is a great time for outdoor projects. The arrival of warm weather may make you want to get outside and moving.  However, spring projects and spring weather come with some hazards.  Here are some ways to protect yourself and your home. Click Here to Read! 

Be Wary of Mortgage “Specials” Sent to Your Home after Applying for a Loan

Privacy laws and requirements have become a hot topic in recent years, resulting in consumers’ growing awareness of the need to protect their personal information from computer hackers, perpetrators of fraudulent scheme, and other criminals.  Most people do not understand that when you apply for a mortgage loan and then receive advertisements and targeted letters touting “special promotions” and “special rates,” it is because their private data has been sold.  But it is not the lender that you have to watch out for! Click Here to Read!