June 2014 Newsletter

Buyers, Can You Envision a Home’s Potential?

Shopping for a new home is an exciting, yet stressful, process. Most potential homebuyers visit and consider several different homes before they find what they consider to be the best match for their lifestyle and price range. Not every buyer is looking for a brand-new home with all of the most modern amenities, so it is important to know how to spot potential. This means looking past superficial flaws and knowing which amenities represent the best savings in the future.

It is a buyer’s market. Many homes available for sale and that buyers are more likely to find the right home at the right price. Buyers can also be more particular about homes’ amenities and condition.

Almost every potential homebuyer dreams of moving into the ideal home with no need for improvements or updates. However, great deals can be had when you are willing and able to look past the blemishes and see the true value of a home.

Buyers are looking for the right floor plan. This is a personal choice, and no two buyers are looking for exactly the same thing. This is good news for buyers. But keep in mind that sometimes it is possible to simply rearrange a floor plan or plan for a future addition to a home that offers everything else you are looking for.

When you are shopping for a home, pay particular attention to the following items.

Walls – You can quickly and easily update the color and appearance of your home’s walls. Often potential buyers are not attracted to a home simply based on the color of the entranceway. Remember that homeowners may not have had time to repaint walls or remove outdated wallpaper or paneling. This is often true for estate-owned homes.

Floors – Modifying floors can be more expensive and time-consuming than painting walls, but the changes are not difficult or time-consuming. If the floors are carpeted and you prefer hardwood, find out whether the floors underneath are hardwood. If so, then the refinishing process could be quick and inexpensive. If the floors are currently exposed and you prefer carpeting, this is another quick change.

Closets – Closet space is a must-have in today’s world. Home shoppers are often disappointed with older homes that have minimal closet space. Fortunately, closets are inexpensive and easy to add in a home. Also, consider external options like wardrobes. If storage closets are unavailable, take a look at the basement area and see where you might be able to add some storage space to the home.

Kitchen – A home’s value is often judged by the size and usability of the kitchen. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and therefore it is one of the things that home shoppers are particular about. Even if a home does not have the perfect kitchen, consider the possibilities. Can a wall be removed to widen the room, or can the existing room be rearranged to better suit your requirements?

Never rule out a home without first trying to look past the cosmetic and sometimes functional flaws in order to see the home’s true potential. This is particularly true when you are shopping on a tight budget. Great bargains exist for potential buyers who can use their imagination and be flexible about their requirements.

Not every home that you look at will work for your situation. Otherwise, every home would be identical! However, when you have a good eye and are able to see past the things that you do not like about a home, you can determine whether a few small improvements could make the positives far outweigh the negatives.

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May 2014 Newsletter by Scott Brown Realty

Preparing Your Home for Spring Selling?

Spring has probably come faster than you expected, meaning you are supposed to have your house ready to be sold in just a few weeks, or even days. Well, fear not.  Preparing your home for walkthroughs and selling does not have to be consuming or stressful. The following will help clean and make repairs to your home in a systematic fashion so that your life does not have yet another wrench thrown in the wheel.

 Step One: Exterior. To begin, start by getting organized. Grab a pad of paper and pen. Then, take a stroll around your house.  Make notes about anything that’s not perfect. Take your time because you are probably accustomed to the imperfections of your home since you’ve walked by them so many times. Perhaps you should take a friend or neighbor with you. Remember, this process shouldn’t take that long, as you are not fixing the issues right now, but simply identifying them. Are the stepping-stones broken? Are there any gutters that need to be repositioned or cleaned out? Do the bushes need trimmed? Does the house need power-washed or painted? Think of a few flowers that would brighten up your home for the spring. 

 Step Two: Interior. You are going to do the same thing with the interior of your house as you did with the exterior.  Walk through each room slowly. Ask yourself a few questions. Are the walls dirty? Does the ceiling need a fresh coat or paint? Are the majority of people going to feel comfortable in this room? If not, what needs to change? Is there simply too much in the room? Decide what can be stored until you move into your new home (furniture, clothing, artwork, pictures, shoes, books). Are the doors of each room aligned and in decent shape? How about the carpets? Have any animals destroyed the area rugs? Does water leak anywhere – faucets, pipes, shower head?

 Step Three: Organize and Schedule. Now, sit down and start making a new list. Figure out the repairs that you can afford and make list of things you need.  Do you need any new door handles? A few gallons of paint, a few brushes, and a roller? Try to get the larger repairs like plumbing and heating problems fixed before the Comparative Marketing Analysis to give the house a higher suggested listing price. Decide which contractors need to be called and set a date for repair. Then, realistically schedule when you are going to take the time to do the repairs. Choose anywhere from one to five a day, depending on the severity of the job. Do not overload yourself, but do not waste time. Try to schedule a few make up days, as unexpected events always occur and push you behind schedule.

Step Four: Clean. You can also start spring-cleaning your home at this time as well. Buyers actually react more negatively toward dirt than clutter. They assume that if you have let the cleaning go, that you’ve also neglected larger maintenance issues. So, do not just give a quick wipe down, thoroughly clean your home. Maybe you should hire a professional to give your home the jump-start it needs to be maintained easily. But, take this step seriously. 

 Step Five: Clear Horizontal Surfaces. Every horizontal surface such as windowsills, tables, night stands, dressers, coffee tables, counter tops, desktops, and sinks should be totally cleared off and thoroughly cleaned. Why? The less stuff you have around, the larger your rooms look, making the room open, inviting, and deceivingly larger. Once everything is removed, you can go back and add a decorative touch to random surfaces – but no more than one or two things. Fight the urge to put back picture frames and unnecessary candles. In the kitchen, try to keep only one or two things on the counters, such as the microwave and coffeemaker. Train yourself not to drop your belongings around the house, but rather put them away immediately. 

 Step Six: Buy a clutter collector. These large, flat, and plastic containers can be purchased at any hardware store. When you are told last minute that someone is on their way to see the house, you simply run around the house and throw anything out of place in this box – the mail, the kids homework, book bags, brief cases, socks, shoes, jackets, etc.  You can then simply slide the box under a bed to show off your house. 

 Step Seven: Focal Points. Once your home has been cleaned, repaired, uncluttered, take another walk around the interior of your home. Decide what the best feature of each room is. If the bedroom has a walk-in closet, make sure that the doors are open for them to explore this luxury. If the living room has a nice view, make sure the windows are clean and are decorated in a way that attracts people’s attention. If the kitchen has a special set-up or feature, make sure that people will somehow be able to see that feature without hearing a sales pitch. If a room doesn’t have a focal point, try to create one. For bedrooms, try coordinating the comforter, area rug, and curtains. In the bathroom, invest in a few new towels and soap dispenser. If you have a fireplace, try to make that focal point, as most people enjoy that asset. 

 Well, you now have a lot to do. Good luck. Try to follow the laid-out steps if possible because they are prioritized for you.

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Scott Brown | Scott Brown Realty | Direct: 707-509-3998 | 717 N. McDowell Blvd., Suite 204, Petaluma, California 94954 | info@usahouses.com

Market update 2014

If you think it’s a great time to buy houses in the USA still, you are probably right in thinking that prices likely go back up, but maybe you’ll be much wiser to sell, or keep renting..

It is a big decision, so talk with an expert before making any decision. I don’t want your money, and will not represent you. I will counsel you, and if you want to hear the truth I know, you will be much more informed and less likely to go directly to those who are happy to take your money without having your best interest in their mind.

CALL 888-382-2246 or 707-509-3998 NOW TO GET A FREE CONSULTATION!

If you’re thinking about the San Francisco Bay Area, you can get a good feel at how the market is by checking out sites like Zillow, Trulia, or others, as well as talk to someone who is in that area. I know many people throughout the USA, and all over the world, so please call on me and use my references when you want to buy, sell, lease or investigate any market.

April 2014 Newsletter

DIY: Insulate Your Attic

With energy costs steadily increasing each year and no relief in sight, homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to heat and cool their homes more efficiently.  Some of these options are very expensive. It may be more effective to insulate your home than to upgrade major systems.  This article walks through the process step by step. Click Here to Read! 

Springtime Gardening and Landscaping Safety

Spring is a great time for outdoor projects. The arrival of warm weather may make you want to get outside and moving.  However, spring projects and spring weather come with some hazards.  Here are some ways to protect yourself and your home. Click Here to Read! 

Be Wary of Mortgage “Specials” Sent to Your Home after Applying for a Loan

Privacy laws and requirements have become a hot topic in recent years, resulting in consumers’ growing awareness of the need to protect their personal information from computer hackers, perpetrators of fraudulent scheme, and other criminals.  Most people do not understand that when you apply for a mortgage loan and then receive advertisements and targeted letters touting “special promotions” and “special rates,” it is because their private data has been sold.  But it is not the lender that you have to watch out for! Click Here to Read!

March 2014 Newsletter

Easy Winter Energy-Saving Ideas

Opening the envelope that states how much you owe for heating your home and using your electronics last month can be a depressing and almost angering event. How much of your paycheck is automatically taken out? Saving money on next months bill does not have to cost you an arm and a leg in renovations and replacements. The following article will guide you in how to save energy this winter… Click Here to Read! 


In Need of a Water Softener?

Do your clothes feel stiff and almost scratchy? Are your bathtubs, shower walls, and sinks covered in soap scum? Do your dishes and glass shower doors have spots? Have you had to deal with minerals clogging your pipes or heating units? Perhaps your home and family need a water softener. Read on to learn more… Click Here to Read! 


10 Quick Kitchen Renewal Ideas

Does your kitchen feel dull and unappealing? Do you have a few hours as a result of being snowed in? Kitchen renovations do not have to take weeks or thousands. With a few hours and a couple bucks, your kitchen could be totally transformed into the most modern, clean, and energizing room of your home… Click Here to Read!

February 2014 Newsletter

Those Little Water Marks Might Mean Thou$ands!

Even if expenses are tight, set aside money to hire the inspector, for he or she may catch the slightest evidence of water damage that you would otherwise have had to later pay thousands of dollars to repair the damaged walls, structural beams, ceilings, and/or foundation. Click Here to Read! 


Feeling a Little Dry?

For many, the winter weather brings on some challenges that are rarely faced in warm weather. From heaters blaring, the inside air becomes extremely dry and can have numerous effects from dry skin to breathing issues. By utilizing the proper humidifier, battling itchy dry skin and higher heating bills (yes, humidity acts as a major factor in how warm an individual feels) can be done with a couple simple steps…. Click Here to Read! 


How To Clean Those Hard “Oops” Accidents Made in the Dryer

The dryer takes on a lot of wear and tear each year. One of the most consistently used appliances in the house, will also become one of the most abused. Over time, everyone will experience that one time when little Johnny leaves his ballpoint pen in his pant’s pocket and somehow that one pocket gets looked over when they are thrown into the wash and then the dryer. After 30 minutes of tumbling dry, his blue jeans now have blue ink spots all over them and the dryer looks the same. These simple home remedies will help clean gum, tar, ink stains and much more from the dryer… Click Here to Read!

January 2014 Newsletter

Window Treatments for Glass Sliding Doors Offer Many Options

Window treatments for glass sliding doors allow you to view the beauty of nature while protecting you from the elements. These window treatments let you control light, but should also be easy to operate. Sliding glass doors may be an attractive and efficient way of letting light and air into your home, but they’re also a big source of heat loss. Additionally, if you don’t have the right window treatment for glass sliding doors, they can be an eyesore and lead to an unattractive décor. Click Here to Read! 


Which is the Best Season to Sell Your Home?

Realizing the time has come to sell your home can create mass confusion. Timing is everything in real estate; however, some also believe one season is better than another to sell your home.

If you ask a real estate professional when you should sell your home, most will say, “Now is the best time to sell your home”.

Real estate today is a year-round business, and most agents will agree that they do nearly as much business in December as in June. Click Here to Read! 


Tips for Single Homebuyers

There are probably few things in life that are as exciting–or as nerve- racking–as the search for a house. 

With an organized home buying plan, you can minimize a great deal of the emotional impact. By determining your buying power, your wants and needs, and having an organized search plan, your chances of a stress-free experience are much better. Click Here to Read!

Scott Brown’s Recommendations, Referrals and References by Others

Scott Brown’s Recommendations, Referrals and References by Others:


Jay Walling (client) Jay hired you as a Real Estate Agent

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“We had the chance to work with Scott for the purchase of our new house. Scott really took the time and patience to explain the many options we had available. I have given his contact info to anyone I’ve known entering the market and will continue to do so. We highly recommend him!”


Roxanne Coxe (client) Roxanne hired you as a Real Estate Agent and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“My husband and I found Scott to be an excellent real estate agent. He was very personable, readily available, patient, and worked very hard to make sure we were satisfied. We hired Scott to sell our existing house and assist us in purchasing a new home. Although the process itself was very frustrating (not Scott’s fault), Scott always had a positive attitude and was always willing to do whatever it took to make sure the deal went through. We have recommended Scott to several friends and family.”


Giles Hudson, Assignment Editor, KTVT CBS 11 (business partner) was with another company when working with you

“Scott is a consuamte professional – well-versed in his field and able to help people across a wide variety of backgrounds.”


Debbie Taylor (client) Debbie hired you as a Real Estate Agent

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Scott is very knowledgeable about Real Estate as he was very helpful in the sale of my home. After I discussed some issues with him he was able to put my home on some other websites which I believe advanced the sale of my home. He is a man of integrity and he is trustworthy and will help in any way he can. I have also been working with Scott as the Asst. Organizer for a group from our church that he has started and he has done a great job with that also. I would also say that any company or person that would hire him to do work for them he will do his best for that company or that person. He will get the job done.”


Rev Kevin (client) Rev hired you as a Real Estate Agent

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Scott is moral upstanding man who is also a go getter. He travels the world and does good things to those he comes in contact. People that I trust say he is a worthy man. I agree!”


Kevin Cooper, REALTOR®, Keller Williams Realty / KRCooper Estates, Inc. (colleague) worked with you

“Scott is a highly skilled Realtor who has the experience and integrity to handle all of your real estate needs. His follow up and communication is fantastic and he is a pleasure to work with.”


Rebecca McQueen, Financial Services Professional, MassMutual Financial Group (business partner) was with another company when working with you

“Scott Brown displays Honesty, Integrity, and Tenacity while representing his clients.”


Gray, Jamie (client) Gray, hired you as a Real Estate Agent

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Scott was very professional throughout the transaction. He was also a pleasure to work with.”


Paul Babbitt, Owner, Babbit Habitats (business partner) was a consultant or contractor to you

“Scott is an outstanding person and friend and has been for many years I trust him completely. Paul”


Bobby Wright (client) Bobby hired you as a Real Estate Agent and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Scott Brown has proven to me that he is here to stay in the Real Estate Industry! With the uncertainty in the Real Estate Markets, you can count on Scott Brown to show great integrity in providing you great service.”


Christi Smith, Realtor® -Team Manager, Keller Williams (colleague) worked with you

“Scott is a go-getter. He is great to work with and very helpful. He continues to keep up to date on the markets and education in the real estate and technology fields. I would definitely recommend Scott as a Realtor he does take care of his clients.”


Aric Resnicke (client) Aric hired you

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I took a step of faith in transacting an exchange for services with Scott. He had a couple dot com domain names that I wanted for my company, and he wanted LASIK surgery. It was an unusual business deal, but we both worked creatively and ended up with a true win-win. I would do business again with Scott in any industry. A true gentlemen who keeps his word and follows-through on what he says.”


Niels Jeffreys, Worker, (colleague) reported to you

“Scott has tremendous potential to perform at an extremely high level. His memory, technological awareness, efficiency and productive capacity are extremely high. Scott’s ability to network, persevere in difficult economic conditions and pay attention to details are very impressive. Also his people skills are professional and legal, and his awareness is also excellent. An all-around business acumen and hardworking efficient personality give Scott the prerequisite traits for achieving higher than most of his peers with the right preparation and team building.”

Market update 2012

If you think it’s a great time to buy houses in the USA still, you may be right in thinking that prices likely go back up, but maybe you’ll be much wiser to sell, or keep renting..

It is a big decision, so talk with an expert before making any decision. I don’t want your money, and will not represent you. I will advise you, and if you want to hear the truth I know, you will be much more informed and less likely to go directly to those who are happy to take your money without having your best interest in their mind.

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Here’s an interesting video I wanted to share with you… pay attention to your government these days please… It shows where CNN Money says may be the 6 best places to buy in the USA.